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Топик на тему Sports in the Russian Federation на английском языке

Russian people have always paid much attention to sport. Sport keeps people fit and healthy and makes them better disciplined in their daily activities.

Numerous kinds of sports, both winter and summer are popular in the Russian Federation. Millions of citizens of Russia engage in some sporting activities and even in competitions. "Physical training" is a subject on the curriculum of schools and universities. You can hardly find a school or a college without sports grounds. Sport facilities are available at any university or other higher education establishments.

Sports in this country have traditionally been divided into amateur and professional. The core of professional sports is sporting societies. Millions from beginners to champions are members of sporting clubs and societies. There is a member of national sports societies like the Spartak or the Dynamo which have their local branch clubs throughout the country. Youngsters from the age of 7 to 18 are trained in sports schools which are run by the major sports clubs. The schools cover a wide range of sports, from track and field and calisthenics to boxing.

Since their debut at the Helsinki Olympic Games in 1952 Russia has been a participant of all the Olympiads. Russian sportsmen sportswomen have collected numerous gold, silver and bronze medals. Numerous Olympic and world records have been broken and are still held.

There are sports clubs at many enterprises and offices. Many of them are fee-paying now, but the membership fee is moderate. At these and other amateur clubs and keep-fit centres people go in for aerobics, yoga, body-building, swimming, skating, jogging.

Participation in sports in this country is massive by any standards.

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