Топик на тему Sports in Russia на английском языке

Millions of people all over the world go in sports. People in this country arc sport-lovers, too. Many sports arc popular in Russia, such as hockey, soccer, track-and-field, weightlifting tennis, basketball, volleyball, figure-skating, cross-country skiing swimming, shooting and many others. Sporting activities are a part of daily life in Russia. Most Russians growing up in the North, grow with outdoor winter sports and activities, such an skiing and skating. In all parts of Russia fishing is extremely popular. All water sports arc wide-spread, including swimming diving, sailing, water skiing, canoeing. In all schools there is a gym and a sports ground. Sports is a subject on the curriculum of all schools and universities.

Much attention is paid in this country to organized sports. There are different sporting societies and clubs in Russia. Many of them take part in different international tournaments and are known all over the world. A great number of our sportsmen participate in the Olympic Games. Russian athletes have won more medals than any other team in all Olympics since 1956. At the 1992 Barcelona Olympics the united teams of the former Soviet republics won 45 gold medals.

National and international matches are regularly held in Russia. They attract large numbers of fans. There is a lot of live broadcasting of matches and championships in this country. Many of them are televised live.

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