Топик на тему Plastics на английском языке

Many of us cannot imagine our life at present without plastics. But we cannot realize what a great part they play in raising our standard of living.

You cannot go through a single day without some association with plastics. Your toothbrush, the cap of your toothpaste tube, your comb, the handle of your table knife, your pen, the door knob. These are but few examples. Plastics are everywhere. No other material can be used as limitlessly as plastics. Very few materials are as durable and simple in production as plastics.

Plastics has become the raw material only since 1928. But during that short period of time furniture, footwear, building materials, textiles, etc. have been manufactured from it.

Almost all plastics are produced from coal, air and water. But each material possesses different properties. Knowing the structure of plastics you can, for instance, produce from polyvinyl a hard sheet or a soft film. Nylon is a non conductor of electricity and that is very important in electrical industry.

Unlike metals, plastics require no finishing.

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