Since или for. Урок английского языка

Правило: since и for.

В каждом предложении выберите подходящий по смыслу предлог (since или for).
Например: We've been working here (since / for) this morning. – We've been working here since this morning.

1. We have received no news 5:30 pm.

2. I haven't slept 48 hours.

3. We haven't seen Mary the party.

4. You have been watching TV hours.

5. Dinosaurs have been extinct over 60 million years.

6. Jane has worked here two weeks already.

7. These cherry trees have bloomed every spring 1980.

8. I haven't talked to him last week.

9. They have been raising horses and cows on their farm many years.

10. Joe and Josephine have been going out together Valentine's Day.

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