Since или for. Урок английского языка

Правило: since и for.

В каждом предложении выберите подходящий по смыслу предлог (since или for).
Например: We've been working here (since / for) this morning. – We've been working here since this morning.

1. Jane hasn't been to America 1981.

2. I haven't met Jill the end of the school.

3. We've been friends with Fred decades.

4. My boss has been away half a day only.

5. We've been together only a few days.

6. We haven't seen Mary the party.

7. Jane hasn't been back to Hungary last year.

8. I haven't talked to him last week.

9. They have been raising horses and cows on their farm many years.

10. Joe and Josephine have been going out together Valentine's Day.

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