Вставить местоимения. Урок английского языка для начинающих

личные местоимения,
притяжательные местоимения.

Заполните пропуски в предложениях местоимениями в нужной форме (в личной или в притяжательной форме).
Например: He has a very nice car. Did you see ___ car? – Did you see his car?

1.  sister and I live in town. parents live out of town.

2.  aunt and uncle live in the country. We like to visit at place.

3. Today is her birthday. What present do you want to buy for ?

4. I must tell you something. Listen to , please.

5. I know him very well; he is friend.

6. You have a lot of good ideas. ideas are always good.

7. She bought a new car. This is new car.

8. We have a new teacher. new teacher is a very nice person.

9. Do you know name? He is a very popular singer.

10. This house is too expensive for . We can't pay such a high rent.

Частые ошибки
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