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Тест "Написание писем" по английскому языку

Уровень сложности теста: высший (Advanced).

В каждом вопросе выберите правильный вариант ответа.

1. To begin with I would like to take ___ over the name itself.

2. 'Cut' I should have thought was an essential ___ of any lawnmower.

3. ___ the grass was flat but it was still as long as when I had started.

4. Finally I want someone to come and cut my grass at your ___.
Yours faithfully, Herb Grass.

5. She puts it another way and says she will be able to make an ___ man of me.

6. And now I come to a very important ___ I want to ask of you.

7. After all why should you two continue to be free and I have to give up my ___?

8. Perhaps I should explain the ___ reason for working in a restaurant as a waiter in preparation for a marketing job.

9. As I see it, a restaurant is a market and it is the job of a waiter to ___ the clients into choosing products from the menu.

10. I am sure I could ___ my skills as a waiter to the tasks that are needed for your advertised post.

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