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Тест "Написание писем" по английскому языку

Уровень сложности теста: высший (Advanced).

В каждом вопросе выберите правильный вариант ответа.

1. I am referring to your lawnmower ___ in the catalogue as 'Supercut'.

2. 'Super' to my mind suggests ___, which it does not possess.

3. 'Cut' I should have thought was an essential ___ of any lawnmower.

4. Unfortunately this does not ___ to 'Supercut'.

5. My main news is that Mary has at long last ___ to marry me.

6. Let me have your ___ as soon as possible.
Your old friend, Mick.

7. Dear Sir, having read your advertisement, I should like to ___ this letter as my application for the post of marketing manager.

8. As you will see from my ___ C.V., I am currently working as a waiter.

9. Perhaps I should explain the ___ reason for working in a restaurant as a waiter in preparation for a marketing job.

10. As I see it, a restaurant is a market and it is the job of a waiter to ___ the clients into choosing products from the menu.

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