Тест "Союзы" по английскому языку

Уровень сложности теста: средний (Intermediate).

В каждом вопросе выберите правильный вариант ответа.

1. I felt sick, ___ I went home for the day.

2. He didn't realize that he was being hurtful, ___ he would have stopped teasing you.

3. I'm learning French ___ it's really difficult.

4. I can help you move into your new apartment ___ I don't have a job right now.

5. We looked at three houses. The last one was very expensive, ___ we bought it anyway. I liked it the best.

6. I like San Francisco ___ Santa Rosa.

7. Neither the students ___ the teachers were happy about the new school program.

8. It's snowing a lot, ___ the roads aren't icy yet.

9. Chris has a class at 8 am, ___ he catches the 7:15 am bus.

10. I quit my job ___ my boss is mean and unfair.

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