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Тест "Модальные глаголы" по английскому языку

Правило: модальные глаголы.
Уровень сложности теста: средний (Intermediate).

В каждом вопросе выберите правильный вариант ответа.

1. I ___ go to see the doctor last week because I was very ill.

2. I may ___ able to come to your party if I have the time.

3. I ___ help you with your shopping because you have a lot of bags.

4. I may ___ go to Paris next week because there is a very big exhibition there.

5. She ___ be crazy! She wants to backpack through the Andes by herself.

6. You ___ be able to catch a ride with Jim. You should ask him before he leaves the office.

7. This is a large, luxurious house! It ___ cost a pretty penny.

8. If you tell your boss off, you ___ surely be fired.

9. Our son, Ted, ___ use a new car because his old car is always breaking down on him. So, we're going to buy him a brand-new car for his birthday.

10. Kendra ___ finish her homework on time, or she can't go outside to play with her friends.

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