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Тест "Неправильные глаголы" по английскому языку

Правило: правильные и неправильные глаголы.
Уровень сложности теста: средний (Intermediate).

В каждом вопросе выберите правильный вариант ответа.

1. Carrie has a stressful job and she always has a lot of work to ___ on the weekends

2. Rose was surprised when she stepped into the kitchen because someone had ___ all of the pies.

3. I'm sorry. I'm really busy today, so I have to ___. I'll call you later.

4. Do you ___ a lot of work to do tonight? I was hoping we could go out to dinner at about 6 pm.

5. I ___ the baby until the storm passed because she wouldn't stop crying.

6. Mr. Benson ___ you wanted to see me. Can we meet in an hour, because I'm really busy right now?

7. Please don't ___ that booklet I gave you, because I want to keep it for future reference.

8. The two ropes were ___ together, so it was difficult to get them apart.

9. My father ___ our home in 1990, and he designed it as well.

10. My puppy ___ a huge hole in the backyard last night. Today, we have to fill the hole because it doesn't look good.

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