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Тест "Уровень знания сленговых выражений" по английскому языку

Из предложенных вариантов в каждом вопросе выберите тот, который ближе всего по смыслу подходит к выделенному жирным шрифтом участку предложения.

1. After staying awake late at night studying, I felt tired the next day.

2. Where's the alcohol kept around here?

3. Wasn't that a really obscene movie?

4. Did you see the rock group's performance last night?

5. Do you have any marijuana?

6. Many movies are successful only because of the heavy promotion and advertising.

7. You shouldn't waste his time or he is going to get angry one of these days.

8. He's a real athlete these days.

9. I wish he wasn't such a stupid person.

10. That's just like her to be so inept.

11. Don't give me that story again. I've heard it before.

12. I hope dieting will get rid of these lumps of fat around my waist.

13. You want me to tell him? I won't do it.

14. He is such a dull and boring person.

15. She is crazy if she thinks I care.

16. No wonder you are overweight. You always overeat.

17. The business is doing very well and they are really making a lot of money.

18. He has two young children running around his house.

19. Tom is trying hard to succeed in buying some hash.

20. Let's stop work and relax this weekend.

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