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Тест "Уровень знания сленговых выражений" по английскому языку

Из предложенных вариантов в каждом вопросе выберите тот, который ближе всего по смыслу подходит к выделенному жирным шрифтом участку предложения.

1. After staying awake late at night studying, I felt tired the next day.

2. I can't believe he put salt in the sugar basin. He's such a stupid person.

3. Where's the alcohol kept around here?

4. You made a good decision there.

5. Don't be such a coward and go do it.

6. He's really upset because his fish died last night.

7. Wasn't that a really obscene movie?

8. Things are a little unsure right now. I can't give you a firm answer.

9. You shouldn't waste his time or he is going to get angry one of these days.

10. How can he criticize it so much when he's never been to that city.

11. That's just like her to be so inept.

12. There is no problem and it doesn't matter.

13. You want me to tell him? I won't do it.

14. He is such a dull and boring person.

15. This is a bit cold. Can you put it in the microwave and heat it up?

16. She is crazy if she thinks I care.

17. No wonder you are overweight. You always overeat.

18. The business is doing very well and they are really making a lot of money.

19. Tom is trying hard to succeed in buying some hash.

20. It's still available, if you want it.

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