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Тест "Уровень знания фразовых глаголов" по английскому языку

В каждом вопросе выберите правильный вариант ответа.

1. Ken really likes Kirstie, but he's too nervous to ___.

2. Lenny didn't ___ when his superior reprimanded him.

3. Lisa was ___ her friends to help her move.

4. The architect ___ some blueprints for you last week.

5. The manager was very afraid the multi-million dollar deal would ___.

6. Rick's father and mother didn't ___ with his grandparents and were always having disagreements.

7. They rented a car so it would be easier to ___ the new city.

8. The company was experiencing financial problems, so they had to ___ fifty employees.

9. She started to ___ the upcoming trip.

10. Before Sheila died from a long battle with cancer, she asked her sister to ___ her children.

11. He decided to ___ his past mistakes by doing some good in his community.

12. The kids ___ Trent because he is different.

13. Kathleen felt like she had to ___ with a lot from her family.

14. The little corner store often ___ bread near the end of the week.

15. Kelly ___ her mother. They have many of the same interests.

16. I decided to ___ organic cooking.

17. Leila was feeling blue, so she went shopping to ___ some new outfits.

18. The teacher asked her students to ___ the assignments by Friday at noon.

19. John tried to ask Cara out on a date, but she ___.

20. Lilly likes to ___ early in the morning so that she's fit for work.

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