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Тест "Уровень знания фразовых глаголов" по английскому языку

В каждом вопросе выберите правильный вариант ответа.

1. No one at the office expected him to lose his temper and ___ the way he did.

2. No one in the group could believe that Sally and Steve ___.

3. Candace has a bad habit of ___ in front of others.

4. Randy always tried to ___ on rainy days.

5. The custody battle ___ for many months.

6. The architect ___ some blueprints for you last week.

7. Bruce ___ of school when he was only fifteen years old and then took on a job.

8. You'll need to ___ your assignments by Friday.

9. The company was experiencing financial problems, so they had to ___ fifty employees.

10. Karen didn't want to ___, so she went over the wedding list one more time.

11. At long last the storm is starting to look like it's going to ___.

12. The rich families ___ poor people in this area.

13. The sheriff said he would ___ the crime a bit more thoroughly.

14. Ray hadn't seen his friend in years, but he decided to ___ anyway.

15. He decided to ___ his past mistakes by doing some good in his community.

16. Ken ___ the best fruit at the supermarket.

17. Kathleen felt like she had to ___ with a lot from her family.

18. The 'T' in the acronym ___ 'Time'.

19. I decided to ___ organic cooking.

20. Marg wanted to ___ the old sofa, but her husband couldn't part with it.

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