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Тест "Уровень знания идиом" по английскому языку

Из предложенных вариантов в каждом вопросе выберите тот, который ближе всего по смыслу подходит к выделенному жирным шрифтом участку предложения.

1. I simply can't stand sugar in my tea or coffee.

2. Don't worry, we pride ourselves on being helpful to all our customers and getting that booked for you is all in a day's work for us.

3. The audience held their breath as the magician started to saw a woman half.

4. Don't wait for me because I can't come yet so you go ahead and I'll join you later.

5. It was late at night, the wind was howling and when she heard the knock on the door, she almost jumped out of her skin.

6. By the way are you thinking of going on holiday?

7. You'll just have to make a decision. You can't have it both ways.

8. I need to come to terms with myself.

9. Jane Williams is a very good investigative reporter, you've got to hand it to her.

10. Learning a foreign language goes hand in hand with International Business.

11. Everybody thought Jane and Elliot were a happy couple, but it was all just make believe.

12. If I had a chance to go to Paris, I would make the most of it.

13. So, George... Have you made up your mind where you want to go for your internship?

14. Mom, can you tell Todd to stop making fun of me?

15. He kept saying he didn't do it but in the end he said he had done it.

16. I just want to stay at home and watch television and take it easy.

17. I love you from the bottom of my heart.

18. I take my hat off to all those people who worked hard to get the contract.

19. Some of you worked on until the small hours to make it a successful project.

20. He is like a fish out of water whenever he goes to a party.

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