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Тест "Уровень знания идиом" по английскому языку

Из предложенных вариантов в каждом вопросе выберите тот, который ближе всего по смыслу подходит к выделенному жирным шрифтом участку предложения.

1. Yes, we went away on holiday last week but it rained day in, day out.

2. If you really want to come out of this without too much damage, my advice is to play dumb.

3. The audience held their breath as the magician started to saw a woman half.

4. I made it absolutely clear that he could on no account expect a pay rise this year.

5. No, not really except she did get angry sometimes but her bark was worse than her bite.

6. Tom told Andrea that giant turtles had escaped from the city zoo and were eating only left-handed people. It wasn't until she saw the smirk on his face that Andrea noticed he was just pulling her leg.

7. We need to do something about it! This situation is getting out of hand!

8. Jane Williams is a very good investigative reporter, you've got to hand it to her.

9. Learning a foreign language goes hand in hand with International Business.

10. Everybody thought Jane and Elliot were a happy couple, but it was all just make believe.

11. Mom, can you tell Todd to stop making fun of me?

12. I just want to stay at home and watch television and take it easy.

13. They're very generous in that museum — not only is the entrance fee reasonable but they give you a brochure for free.

14. They tried in vain to save enough money to buy a house and so finally they rented one.

15. Considering they are over 70 years old, you must admit they are in good shape.

16. When he confided in me, I promised Charlie that I wouldn't tell anybody about it and until now I have kept my word.

17. My only advice to Charlie was to keep his chin up and stop worrying.

18. I take my hat off to all those people who worked hard to get the contract.

19. Forget it, that's water under the bridge now.

20. He is like a fish out of water whenever he goes to a party.

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