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Тест "Уровень знания идиом" по английскому языку

Из предложенных вариантов в каждом вопросе выберите тот, который ближе всего по смыслу подходит к выделенному жирным шрифтом участку предложения.

1. You shouldn't worry about the exam because you have prepared well and you'll probably find it a piece of cake.

2. As she is new to the job I would ask you to keep an eye on her for the time being.

3. I simply can't stand sugar in my tea or coffee.

4. If you really want to come out of this without too much damage, my advice is to play dumb.

5. In the end she lost her temper and told her daughter to hold her tongue.

6. By the way are you thinking of going on holiday?

7. I need to come to terms with myself.

8. This last year, my company has made money hand over fist!

9. Learning a foreign language goes hand in hand with International Business.

10. So, George... Have you made up your mind where you want to go for your internship?

11. Ana finally made it. She is an excellent doctor.

12. Mom, can you tell Todd to stop making fun of me?

13. I just want to stay at home and watch television and take it easy.

14. They're very generous in that museum — not only is the entrance fee reasonable but they give you a brochure for free.

15. They tried in vain to save enough money to buy a house and so finally they rented one.

16. What I really have in mind is a garden where there is very little to look after throughout the year.

17. When he confided in me, I promised Charlie that I wouldn't tell anybody about it and until now I have kept my word.

18. When the business folded, he took the lion's share of the assets.

19. Some of you worked on until the small hours to make it a successful project.

20. You must realize the gravity of the situation because you are in deep water now.

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