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I am sure you know what "real" means. If something is real, it exists – you can touch it, or see it, for example – it isn't imaginary, or something you have made up. So "really" means "in reality" or "in truth".

Kevin tells Joanne that he is going shopping. But REALLY he is going to the pub with his friend Dave – the truth is that he is going to the pub.

Joanne's Mum likes to tell people that she is about 45 years old, but REALLY she is 53 – her true age is 53.

Joanne's boss at work is a woman called Celia. Celia is not an easy boss to work for. She makes Joanne work very hard and criticises her when she makes mistakes. "She sounds like a old cow", says Kevin when Joanne tells him about her. "No", says Joanne, "REALLY she is very kind". In other words, when you get to know Celia properly, you find that she is a kind person.

But lots of times, we use "really" to mean "very".

"I am REALLY angry," says Joanne when she finds out about Kevin and Dave going to the pub. "I am REALLY upset. Why couldn't you tell me where you were really going?"

Kevin says that Joanne's Mum is REALLY stupid, telling people she is 45 when really she is 53.

And sometimes, we say "REALLY?" to mean "I am surprised or interested in what you say." When Joanne's Mum says that she is 45, people often say "Really? I thought you were much older."

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