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"Litter" means things that people throw away in a public place, like a street. Things like cigarette ends, crisp packets, old newspapers or Coca-Cola cans. Litter makes a place look untidy and dirty. We ought to put our litter in a litter bin, or take it home with us.

In towns and cities there are street cleaners. Their job is to sweep up the litter that other people leave in the streets. And in some places in the country where there are many visitors, we also have people who clear up litter.

A group of volunteers have just finished picking up litter on Ben Nevis, which is the highest mountain in Britain. In good weather, many visitors climb the mountain. In bad weather, however, it can be a very dangerous place.

The volunteer litter-pickers collected bags full of old paper, orange peel, plastic bags and drinks cans from the path which leads to the top of Ben Nevis. Then they saw a piece of wood sticking out from a pile of broken rock near the top of the mountain. They pulled the rocks away and found …..a piano.

Why was there a piano near the top of Britiain's highest mountain? It turned out that a Mr Kenny Campbell had carried it up the mountain 35 years ago to raise money for charity. It also turned out that it wasn’t a piano at all, but a small church organ. Mr Campbell told the newspapers that he had played Scotland the Brave on the organ at the top of the mountain. He said that he was planning another stunt to raise money for charity later this year, to mark his 65th birthday. We really are mad in this country!

Vocabulary note: "it turned out that…" At first people thought that it was a piano. Later they found out it was really an organ. It TURNED OUT to be an organ. At first people did not know who had carried it up the mountain. Then Mr Campbell said that it was him. It TURNED OUT that it was Mr Campbell.

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