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Прилагательное или наречие. Урок английского языка

имя прилагательное,

В каждом предложении выберите по смыслу прилагательное или наречие.
Например: This job is very (hard / hardly). – This job is very hard.

1. We went to the manager as soon as we realized what had happened.

2. You've eaten anything. Do have some more.

3. Police described the situation as dangerous, and warned the public not to approach the area.

4. The arrow fell of the target.

5. I was touched by everyone's concern after my accident.

6. The secretary admitted that she had been using company funds for her own benefit.

7. He's a cheat, a liar and a fraud and he's extremely rude.

8. The hamburger tastes .

9. This steak smells .

10. Jason complained about his classes .

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