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Прилагательное или наречие. Урок английского языка

имя прилагательное,

В каждом предложении выберите по смыслу прилагательное или наречие.
Например: This job is very (hard / hardly). – This job is very hard.

1. We went to the manager as soon as we realized what had happened.

2. She worked very to get that promotion.

3. Police described the situation as dangerous, and warned the public not to approach the area.

4. The winner of the dance competition will be announced.

5. Residents may visit the museum , but tourists will have to pay.

6. It's believed that she had died under suspicious circumstances.

7. Our basketball team played last Friday.

8. Maria opened her present.

9. She wrote the report neatly.

10. I was surprised by Alice.

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