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Прилагательное или наречие. Урок английского языка

имя прилагательное,

В каждом предложении выберите по смыслу прилагательное или наречие.
Например: This job is very (hard / hardly). – This job is very hard.

1. We went to the manager as soon as we realized what had happened.

2. You've eaten anything. Do have some more.

3. After the flood the water levels remained very .

4. The winner of the dance competition will be announced.

5. The sword passed through the knight's heart and pinned him to the floor.

6. The teacher was upset when the students refused to do their homework.

7. We walked into the forest, following the tracks of the deer.

8. Residents may visit the museum , but tourists will have to pay.

9. It's believed that she had died under suspicious circumstances.

10. Maria opened her present.

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