A few, a little, few, little. Урок английского языка для начинающих

Правило: little и few, a little и a few.

В каждом предложении выберите подходящее по смыслу наречие.
Например: We have (a few / a little / few / little) more tasks to do. – We have a few more tasks to do.

1. We have too money, I'm afraid.

2. "Can you speak French?" "Only ."

3. Is there a petrol station near here? There's too petrol left in the car.

4. Jim has spent weeks in hospital.

5. The hospital was miles from there.

6. "Would you like salad?" "Yes, thank you."

7. I have money, so we can go to the cinema.

8. The hall was almost empty: there were very people in it.

9. I can't buy this expensive hat today: I have too money.

10. I think you can spare me time now.

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