A few, a little, few, little. Урок английского языка для начинающих

Правило: little и few, a little и a few.

В каждом предложении выберите подходящее по смыслу наречие.
Например: We have (a few / a little / few / little) more tasks to do. – We have a few more tasks to do.

1. We have too money, I'm afraid.

2. "How many people have come to the conference?" "Oh, quite !"

3. She lived alone and had very friends.

4. Come on! Be quick! There's very time left.

5. To make this cake you need eggs and milk.

6. We could only spend time on that.

7. The hospital was miles from there.

8. Mother gave us apples, and we were glad.

9. He did not like it at the camp; he had very friends there.

10. This lemon drink is sour; if you put sugar in it, it will be sweeter.

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