Вставить предлоги. Урок английского языка

Правило: предлоги.

В каждом предложении напишите подходящие по смыслу предлоги.
Например: He doesn't work ___ Sundays. – He doesn't work on Sundays.

1. The plot of the novel is fairly confusing the reader.

2. He joined his hands together the Indian fashion and gave a little bow.

3. After Nick had tried the cake there wasn't much left it.

4. In the USA one can buy fruit and vegetables relatively low prices.

5. Many inhabitants of Greater London commute their place of work.

6. The schoolboy assaulted the teacher an axe.

7. If you want the driver to stop, you should signal him by holding your arm.

8. Although we had expected them to take a taxi, they came car.

9. She made the mistake adding salt instead of sugar.

10. He came the decision that he should study harder.

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