Вставить предлоги. Урок английского языка

Правило: предлоги.

В каждом предложении напишите подходящие по смыслу предлоги.
Например: He doesn't work ___ Sundays. – He doesn't work on Sundays.

1. The restaurant prided itself its continental cuisine.

2. I'm not accustomed working Sundays.

3. The fact of the salesman's misbehavior was brought the attention of the management.

4. The plot of the novel is fairly confusing the reader.

5. We spend a lot of money parties.

6. He joined his hands together the Indian fashion and gave a little bow.

7. The neighbours complained the police about the noise.

8. The snake was a meter and a half length and as thick as a man's arm.

9. The money supply in those days was not control of government.

10. Although we had expected them to take a taxi, they came car.

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