Вставить предлоги. Урок английского языка

Правило: предлоги.

В каждом предложении напишите подходящие по смыслу предлоги.
Например: He doesn't work ___ Sundays. – He doesn't work on Sundays.

1. They can no longer rely on financial help from the students' hardship fund to assist the tuition fees.

2. I'm not accustomed working Sundays.

3.  least a dozen ideas were considered and rejected.

4. The plot of the novel is fairly confusing the reader.

5. We spend a lot of money parties.

6. The neighbours complained the police about the noise.

7. The meeting was very well organized. Everything began and finished time.

8. If you set this digital alarm clock for 7.02, it will wake you exactly time.

9. Planes caused trains to go of business.

10. She made the mistake adding salt instead of sugar.

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