Фразовые глаголы. Урок английского языка

Правило: фразовые глаголы.

Заполните пропуски во фразовых глаголах в предложениях требующимися предлогами.
Например: We need to get ___ this train. – We need to get off this train.

1. The man shouted angrily, but we stood to him.

2. At large shopping complexes people shop various items.

3. I told the salesman to put the suit for me until the next week.

4. Jack will pick me on his way to the theatre.

5. Don't give singing. You are very talented.

6. Could you write this word for me, please?

7. Do you mind if I switch the telly? I'd like to watch the news.

8. Can we put our tent here?

9. Would you like to eat tonight? There's a new restaurant in town.

10. Slow , we don't have to run that fast!

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