Учебник "Common Mistakes in English"

Название: Common Mistakes in English

Автор: T.J.Fitikides

Год издания: 2002

Язык: английский


This book is intended for two uses. It may be used as a reference book and as an ordinary text book.

As a book of reference it should be consulted with every composition. The teacher may refer the student to the appropriate section dealing with his mistake by a number in the margin of his exercise book. For example, a misuse of a preposition of time (at, on or in) is indicated by 383 in the margin to enable the student to look up his mistake and correct it. This method has been tested and found more effective than the common practice of writing the correct form for the student. It is axiomatic that the greater the student's individual effort, the more thorough will be his learning.

With regard to its second use, as an actual text book, we strongly recommend that the teacher should start off with the exercises on pages 137 to 181. These are arranged under the headings of the various parts of speech: nouns, adjectives, pronouns, etc. However, before an exercise is attempted, the teacher should make certain that the students have comprehended the particular usage involved. An occasional reference to some specific section may be made whenever this is deemed necessary, but under no circumstances is it advisable to go through the various sections of the book consecutively, or to commit to memory rules concerning usage.

Despite the fact that this book has been designed for two separate uses, the writer is of the opinion that the best results will be achieved if it is used by the student both as a text book and as a book of reference.

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